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Body | Off the Air | Adult Swim

Off the Air es una serie de televisión estadounidense creada por Adult Swim. La serie se presenta sin ninguna explicación o narración, como un escaparate de imágenes surrealistas en torno a un solo tema suelto (expresada en el título del episodio) y se mezcla sin pausa en una sola presentación continua.


Created by
Dave Hughes

“CORDS (hear us and have mercy)”
short film by
Sara Lundberg

A Cappella performed by:
Linda Öhlin, Carina Aronsson, Gustav Nordlander, Carl Slettengren Edited by: David Ricci

«Quitters Raga”
song by Gold Panda

Stock footage
supplied by and

«Visible Human Project”
supplied by US National Library of Medicine

“All Ways”
song by Corduroi

«All Ways”
music video by
Color Chart

«Take This Pill”
animated short by
David Firth

«Little Ships”
song by Jean-Jacques Perry

«Going To The Store”
animated short by
David Lewandowski

«Hot Dog Hustle”
animated short by
Thomas Hunter

song by Yaporigami (+MUS)

music video by Daihei Shibata
artwork by Hiroshi Sato(aloye)

“Sossidge Arms”
animated shorts by

“Baby’s Arms”
song by Kurt Vile
Matador Records

«Go Pro On A Hula Hoop”
short film by
Nick Saik

«Amalgamide Tide”
animated short by
Taras Hrabowsky

short film by
Glogman Johns

“Pigsy In Space”
song by Monkey
XL Records

“15 Denier”
music video by
Harry Handyside

Produced by
Million Monkeys Inc.


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