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Nature | Off the Air | Adult Swim

Off the Air es una serie de televisión estadounidense creada por Adult Swim. La serie se presenta sin ninguna explicación o narración, como un escaparate de imágenes surrealistas en torno a un solo tema suelto (expresada en el título del episodio) y se mezcla sin pausa en una sola presentación continua.


Created by
Dave Hughes

“Visions of the Wild”
USDA Film provided by Prelinger Archives

song by Liars

music video by
Ian Cheng

“Hyper Geography”
short film by
Joe Hamilton

“Into The Deep Time”
song by Candy Claws

stock footage
provided by Getty Images

“Australian Tree Fern”
timelapse by
The Upthink Lab

“Fungia Food”
short film by
Coral Morphologic

“Staring Out The Window”
song by Fulton Lights

«Staring Out The Window»
music video by
Ninian Doff

animated short by

“What’s Up?”
song and video by
Liam Lynch

“Walk In The Woods”
animated short by

“Humming Chorus”
song by Puccini
performed by Apollo Symphony Orchestra

“Madam Butterfly”
animated short by
Gabriel Kempers

animated short by
Hiraoka Masanobu

«The Ghostly Voices One Said”
song and animation by
Randy Knott

Produced by
Million Monkeys Inc.

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