Dance | Off the Air | Adult Swim

Off the Air es una serie de televisión estadounidense creada por Adult Swim. La serie se presenta sin ninguna explicación o narración, como un escaparate de imágenes surrealistas en torno a un solo tema suelto (expresada en el título del episodio) y se mezcla sin pausa en una sola presentación continua.


Created by
Dave Hughes

“Big Bounce” footage
supplied by Prelinger Archives

“Involuntaries #4”
short film by
Foofwa D’Imobilite, Vea Lucca, and Alan Sondheim

song by Knorkator
Nuclear Blast Records

Opening Titles by
Mark Phillips

“Modern Daydreams#1: Deere John”
short film by
Mitchell Rose and Bodyvox

Music by William Goodrum

Stock footage
supplied by iStock

song by Clams Casino
Self Released 2011

“Protective Cover” (The Condom Song)
supplied by India HIV/AIDS Alliance
(conceptualized and conceived by Nrityanjali Academy
and Funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)

“Indian Dancing Prank”
animated short by
Christian Von Nathusius

song by Combichrist
Metropolis Records

“Angry Industrial Dancer In Little Saigon”
short film by
Duy Huu Luu AKA Tank Nine

“Tush It”
song and animation by
Liam Lynch, 111 Productions, Inc.

“Vessel (Four Tet Remix)”
song by Jon Hopkins
Domino, 2010

“Vessel (Four Tet Remix)”
music video by

“Peacock Spider”
short documentary by
Jurger Otto

“Woof Woof”
song by Dan Deacon
Carpark Records, 2009

“She’s Hot”
song by Clams Casino
Self-Released 2011

“Robots Dancing”
short film by
Jean-Charles Bazin and Young-Cheol Lee

Produced by
Million Monkeys Inc.