Falling | Off the Air | Adult Swim

Off the Air es una serie de televisión estadounidense creada por Adult Swim. La serie se presenta sin ninguna explicación o narración, como un escaparate de imágenes surrealistas en torno a un solo tema suelto (expresada en el título del episodio) y se mezcla sin pausa en una sola presentación continua.


Created by
Dave Hughes

“The Vision”
song by Ian Brody

“Experience Human Flight”
short film by
Infinity List with special thanks to Soul Flyers

“Falling to Hell”
original animation by
Devin Flynn

“My Machine”
song by BATTLES (featuring Gary Numan)

“My Machine”
music video by

“Giant 6ft Water Balloon”
short film by
Gavin Free

“Lo Lindora”
song by Kodak to Graph

stock footage
supplied by iStock and Corbis

“Hövding in Action” footage

“In The Fall”
animated short by
Steve Cutts

“New Direction”
song by Black Lips

“Valse Statique et la Theorie du Combo”
directed and animated by
Maxime Bruneel

“Fugue Trampoline”
performance by Yoaan Bourgeois
Zat Montpellier, April 2011

with special thanks to Charles Valade

song by Atlas Sound

“Coming Down”
song by Dum Dum Girls

“Derty Falling”
animated short by
Taras Hrabowsky

Produced by
Million Monkeys Inc.