Nightmares | Off the Air | Adult Swim

Off the Air es una serie de televisión estadounidense creada por Adult Swim. La serie se presenta sin ninguna explicación o narración, como un escaparate de imágenes surrealistas en torno a un solo tema suelto (expresada en el título del episodio) y se mezcla sin pausa en una sola presentación continua.


Created by
Dave Hughes

song by Amon Tobin
Ninja Tunes

“Real Demons Caught On Tape”
short film by
Justin Martinez

stock footage
provided by iStock

“Plaster Casts of Everything”
song by Liars
Mute Records

“Plaster Casts of Everything”
music video by
Patrick Daughters, Riff Raff Films

“Super Duper”
sound and animation by
Thomas De Rijk

“Coaster Test”
animated short by
Steve Cutts

song by Einstürzende Neubauten
Royalty Network

music video by
Alessandro Bavari

“Her Lovely Fears”
animated short by
Ben Wheele

short film by
Jimmy Joe Roche

“Zombie Bands Suck”
short film by
Liam Lynch

“Dust, Flesh and Bones”
song by Matt Elliot
Ici D’Ailleurs

“You Ruined It”
original film by
Michael Langan

“Crooked Rot”
animated short by
David Firth

“Crooked Rot”
sound by Marcus Fjellstrom Kafkagarden

“Battery Point”
song by Beak

“Nightmare Fear Factory Souvenir FEAR pics”
provided by Nightmare Fear Factory
Niagara Falls Canada

Image Manipulations by:
Geoffrey Lillemom (Random Studio), Cheesepapa,
Christy Karacas, R. Land, Brandon Lively, Dax Norman,
Trey Wadsworth, Terry White (Fly Bitches)

Produced by
Million Monkeys Inc.